Rental Projection Equipment

Project your presentations on the screen and win over your audience with visual art. Whether your event is large or a presentation in a small meeting room, we can help you with the planning and provide you with the right projection equipment from beamers to screens, LED screens or plasma screens. Your event is guaranteed to be eye-catching.

Screen – Projector – Walls

People stream through the fallen Berlin Wall. Chesley Sullenberger lands a US Airways aircraft in Manhattan’s Hudson River. Neil Armstrong stands next to the American flag on the moon. Images for eternity.
Pictures work. And they help with presentations, convey content, arouse emotions and attract attention. High-performance visualization systems are nowadays necessary components of modern and diverse event concepts and not infrequently guarantee the success of congresses and events. Success is quite simple: if you succeed in inspiring and entertaining your demanding audience, the event will be remembered. Point for you!
Whether a large event or a small-scale presentation: we support you in the visual planning of your event and deliver the right projection technology.

Veranstaltungsechnik mieten für Kongresse, Messen, Konfernezen, Tagungen in Frankfurt, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Hamburg, Berlin, Bonn, München

Why your event will be a complete success with us:
• Over 15 years experience
• Over 300 international events a year in Germany and abroad
• 24/7 telephone availability
• English-speaking event technicians
• Duty of duty for technicians
• Knigge seminars for trainees
• NO overnight accommodation for technicians – thus easy to book throughout Europe.
• Sustainability certification from GreenGlobe

“Hard-working, reliable, customer-orientated – these are B&B’s

VHV Versicherung (VHV Insurance) – Dirk Schlotthauber

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