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The sound defines the music

Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” is in everyone’s ear and the Halleluja by Georg Friedrich Händel does not just let classic lovers hearts  stop. Sounds arouse emotions. But the best content is worth nothing if you do not understand it. That’s why the acoustics are crucial for your event. In every corner of the room, the audience should be able to follow the action – whether it’s a concert, a panel discussion or a single entertainer on stage. Each venue brings with it a special kind of acoustics that require individual technology solutions. The perfect sound is the basis of a successful event with motivated listeners.

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Even if you aren’t putting on a dance performance or concert, the right acoustics are crucial in ensuring that your event appeals to all attendees. The audience should be able to follow the events from every corner of the room – whether it is the speaker’s address from the lectern at the front or the cabaret artists’ sketches on the stage. After all, it is good form to have the right technology. We can help you to find the right equipment for your event.

Both when cooperating in the agency and also now with my current employer, I have always been confident of the speed and dependability!

German Foundation for Organ Transplantations – Alexandra Hesse

Why your event with us will be a success:

  • Over 20 years experience
  • Over 400 international events per year all over europe
  • 24/7 phone availability
  • english speaking AV technicians
  • Suit responsibility for technicians
  • Etiquette seminars for trainees
  • NO Accommodation costs for technicians – thus easily available throughout Europe.
  • Sustainable certification by GreenGlobe

We guarantee and stand with our good name to ensure that you get a perfect technical event when you book this with us.

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