Seamless-Switcher – Scanconverter

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The Seamless Switcher converts all incoming signals from different devices into a uniform format. The beamer always receives the same signal resolution at the entrance and does not have to switch before the projection. This avoids disturbing flickering and improves image quality.

The scanning converter, or up-/Down, converts any type of input signal into any type of output signal, thus altering the resolution of the signal. This means that the device ultimately converts all video signals up (e.g. PAL to HD) or down (e.g. XGA to PAL) so that they can be processed without any problems.

The HDMI distributor or DVI distributor can control up to eight output sources at a time. This allows a single signal to be shown on multiple devices such as projectors or plasma at the same time. However, once these sources have a different format, you should rent a VENTUZ system.

The latest formats are HDBaseT. This is where the transmission is required by Cat7 lines to 4K resolutions.

A DVI switch can easily switch between up to eight laptops. At the disadvantage, however, is that the beamer has to synchronize again and again, which is why short image dropouts can occur. If you want to avoid these glitches, you can resort to a Seamless switcher.

Do you already know our new Analog Way Pulse 350-H with HDBaseT inputs and outputs as well as VGA, DVI and HDMI inputs? The Seamless switcher also has 4 layers.

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