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The joker at “Who’s going to be a millionaire?” – the audience helping find the right solution. A general meeting at the trade fair-the voice of each individual shareholder counts. A customer vote during a training session. Everyone should participate directly.

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Through Polling Systems you can find out directly what your guests think and what decisions are desirable. In this way, you will create an interactive event that engages all participants in a concrete and binding way. The result is a communication that allows you as an organizer to immediately recognize what your participant thinks, feels or knows – possible a single and multiple selection or free value input is possible.

We help you choose the right Polling system or, for example, provide IPads in your corporate design with pre-installed apps. We are happy to advise you so that no voice is lost.

Collect results and evaluate them digitally immediately

Do you know the votes from TV? You can do the same now by renting such a Polling System, of course with the associated voting machines. To date, the polling systems has continued to evolve, so that the realization of a vote takes place with little technical effort and the evaluation takes place within a few seconds. Have you become curious? Then read on.

What do I need a voting system for?

Voting systems are the comfortable and practical system that can be used flexibly:
-at conferences or congresses
-Members ‘ meetings
-Quiz Shows
-Employee votes
-Customer surveys
-Market research
And much more. In short, the Polling system can be used anywhere you want to vote.

How much space is needed?

Not much. The entire vote is via a Microsoft Power Point Addin. As hardware, you need a laptop or PC to which the evaluations are transmitted, a radio receiver that receives the data of the voting devices and transmits it to the laptop or PC and, of course, the voting devices. The number of voting devices depends on the number of participants who are expected to cast their votes during the voting. It is possible to connect up to 13,500 voting devices. As you can see, you can ask an entire stadium to vote.

What are the benefits?

That is quite simple. If you rent a TED from us, you will receive the full service. Our trained and specially trained staff come to your venue and plug in the Polling system as well as the voting equipment and you can get started straight away. The great thing about our Voting system is that your rented Voting system is adapted by us to your corporate design. Don’t worry, we will advise you in detail and show you all the options when choosing the devices. Even with the voting slides, it’s possible to get creative. We adapt the slides to your customer needs and you have the free hand of graphic design with shapes, logos, colors or slogans. Not much and everything is built up within a few minutes.

Can I also ask questions with complex answers?

Yes, you can. They have a variety of variations. We explain it to you directly with an example: You need to promote a product and want to know beforehand how the participants feel about the product.
Option 1: You specify several answers from which participants can choose one answer at the touch of a button.
Option 2: Let participants decide how well they find the product based on a scale of 1 to 5. Here, too, the push of a button is enough.

You can also divide the participants into groups, such as companies or departments in a company or places to see how the groups think.
You can also see how attendees change their minds during the presentation. To do this, ask attendees the same questions, once before the presentation and once at the end.
As you can see, TED System offers you a wide range of ways to get the students ‘ opinions. The beauty of renting TED is that the data is transmitted anonymously, so that no participant has to justify themselves for their response and which, of course, is a protection of privacy.

TED system hire for various events. Take us with you across Europe!

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