Rent a tourguide system  in Germany and Europe

PFA mieten | Frankfurt |Berlin |Heidelberg | Mainz | Wiesbaden |Köln | Köln |Leipzig | Nürnberg |Bremen | Rostock |Dresden |The robust and intuitive receiver offers optimal comfort, whether used with a shoulder cord or belt clip. The recipient Synexis FP8 and several selected listeners are carried separately from each other. For the listener, this means additional comfort and, especially with frequent use of the listeners, a low-maintenance cleaning. Stay on receipt: The receiver can be powered by either batteries or batteries in commercially available AA Mignon format.

A tourguide system has the following equipment:

• 18 adjustable frequencies
• On/off switch and volume controller
• Led for operating display and charging status
• OLED display to display the channel, battery status, frequency and channel choice lock function
• Clink connection (3.5mm) for headphones or hearing aids (e.g. induction sling)

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