The first throwing microphone – Catchbox rent

If you have questions, just throw the microphone. Gone is the annoying waiting for a microphone was passed through the rows.
It is always a challenge to involve an auditorium in a discussion. It has to be simple and self-explanatory. That’s exactly what we offer a solution for now.

… a great loosening instrument during the conference

Stephanie Weidner // Country Manager D-A-CH // JobRouter AG
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The catchbox in education
Involve everyone actively and make your lectures more entertaining and exciting.

The catchbox in meetings
Are you organizing an event with all employees of your company or a workshop? The Catchbox breaks the ice and makes everyone talk.

The catchbox at events
Asking questions to the audience is easy and fun – even in a large group.

Active AutoMute
The Active AutoMute function detects the movement of the microphone and suppresses disturbing noises when the catchbox is thrown or caught by the room or falls to the ground.

Light and soft
The box consists of a combination of durable foams and technical fabric. Thus, it is extremely lightweight and durable for its size and also antibacterial.

Catchbox rental

Now request the catchbox from us to rent for your event.

Rent Europe-wide – shipping possible

Hire Catchbox for your events in Germany like Frankfurt, Mainz, Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Munich and all over europe like Vienna, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Brussel, Rental