Rent an interpreting booth

The cabins are built in accordance with the relevant standards and recommendations for transportable and sound insulated interpreting booths (A4 56 924, Part 2, as well as ISO 4043). The cabins are transportable and easily mounted and dismantled on site.

Dolmetscherkabine - Interpret booth rental mieten

An interpreting booth consists of:

  • 8 side elements and 2 roof elements, all special insulated
  • Interior dimensions 1.60 x 1.60 x 2.00 meters
  • Exterior dimensions 1.67 x 1.67 x 2.12 meters, exterior color gray
  • 4 windows, 2 of which are in front and 1 on the side right and left
  • 1 continuous table for 2 people, depth 50 cm
  • Cable perimits at the table and on the cabin side parts below
  • Front door either rear or side-accessible
  • Dile elements including low-noise exhaust fans

The cabin can be extended to 3 people if needed.

An interpreter’s booth is the workplace of simultaneous interpreters. First, a cabin must be as soundproof as possible so that conference guests and interpreters do not disturb each other. Depending on the duration of the conference and the degree of difficulty, two or three interpreters usually alternate on a regular basis per language. The mobile interpreting booths are designed to provide enough space to work.
For example, a simultaneous cabin for two interpreters with its inner dimensions must be at least 1.60 meters wide and deep as well as 2.00 meters high, a cabin for three interpreters 2.40 meters wide. The built-in ventilation ensures sufficient fresh air supply, and the respective workplace must also be well lit. All these and other parameters are regulated in the corresponding standards of the A4 and ISO.

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