Listeners have a receiver to whom a headphone is plugged in. If it is interpreted in several languages at the same time, the listeners can adjust to the recipient which channel, that is, which interpretation they want to listen to. Operating the small receiver is simple and is usually understood by most listeners without prior guidance. The volume can also be adjusted at the receiver.

We offer simultaneous receivers with the infrared and radio transmission types.

Beyerdynamic Synexis RP8 radio receiver

Simultanempfänger | Funk | mieten | verleih | Kopfhörer | Frankfurt | Berlin | München | Düsseldorf | Mainz | Dresden | HeidelbergThe compact pocket receiver FP8 is ideal for multilingual simultaneous translations. The recipient also provides excellent services in the area of hearing reinforcement. A headphone or induction sling for people with a hearing aid can be connected to the mini clinch port (3.5mm). The connection cable of the listener or the hearing aid serves as an antenna at the same time, so that the comfort of the comfort is not affected by a separate antenna. The range is about 100 m when the transmitter and receiver is in sight. The OLED display offers a brilliant, easy-to-read display of channel, battery status, frequency and channel lock function. The receiver is fed via two NiMH batteries or 1.5 V AA batteries. Thanks to integrated charging contacts, the batteries can remain in the receiver during charging. The intelligent charging technology automatically switches off the receiver when charging. Automatic NiMH-/alkaline detection is an essential safety feature and excludes misuse.

Bosch LBB 4540 infrared receiver

Bosch LBB 4540 Infrarotempfänger | Simultanübersetzung | Frankfurt | Hamburg | Köln | mieten | verleih | Nürnberg | Wiesbaden | HannoverDiese ergonomisch gestalteten Taschenempfänger basieren auf modernster Elektronik mit einem speziell entwickelten integrierten Schaltkreis, um maximale Leistung und lange Akkulebensdauer zu gewährleisten. Die Taschenempfänger können für die Übertragung von Sprache und Musik verwendet werden.

• The audio signal is automatically muted if the signal is too weak. This ensures that the user receives only high-quality audio signals

• Power is switched off when the headphones are disconnected from the device

• Measurement mode for simply checking the radiator range

• Attractive and elegant design

• Maximum 75 hours of battery operation

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