Rent interpreting equipment
Bosch INT-TX infrared transmitder

Bosch Interpreter Equipment Rental

  • Can transmit up to 32 audio channels
  • Can be used in conjunction with DCN Next Generation or analog systems such as the CCS 900
  • Flexible configuration of channels and channel quality modes to achieve efficient transmission
  • Configuration of the transmitter and system via a display and a rotary switch

Bosch LBB 451x/00 infrared emitter

Interpreter Transmitter Infrared

  • LBB 4511/00 covers up to 1300 m2 (one carrier, 4 standard quality canals).
  • LBB 4512/00 covers up to 1300 m2 (one carrier, 4 standard quality canals)
  • Automatic reinforcement control ensures that the infrared LEDs operate with maximum efficiency.
  • Selectable output ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Beyerdynamic Synexis TS8 UHF transmitter for your translations

Beyerdynamic UHF Transmitter

  • 18 adjustable UHF frequencies
    • Stable metal casing, 1/2 19 “-act-capable
    • OLED display for display of channel, NF level, frequency and channel ballot lock function

Rent enquiries and interpreting technology now

Rent state-of-the-art interpreting technology for easy operations in all situations

Companies, institutions and congresses are increasingly relying on international cooperation and are therefore dependent on the services of professional translators and interpreters. But only with the right translation and interpreting system can they carry out their work efficiently and without difficulty. Depending on the situation, different systems can be used to ensure the highest possible level of translations.

Avoid visible interpreting technology with consistently high quality

In this day and age, above all, visible technology is frowned upon on stages and at presentations and is no longer up-to-date. Accordingly, digital technology is used to avoid cumbersome cabling of stages and events and to enable the necessary interpreting technology to be installed quickly. This not only allows for greater flexibility in the planning and calculation of the various stakes, but also helps to keep the budget for translation technology at a constant level. However, the quality of the transmissions and their performance must not be weakened in any case. For this reason, the interpreting technology must be efficiently adapted to the venue and dimensions of the event. For example, there are clear differences between the fact that ten or five hundred people have to be connected to the relevant technology. Thanks to a comprehensive analysis in advance of the planning, the interpreting technology used can be efficiently adapted to both the number of people and the requirements in terms of secrecy.

Efficient design of interpreting technology in different systems

In modern simultaneous technology, either digital radio systems or modern infrared transmission are used. The digital radio transmission works in the UHF sector and impresses with its excellent sound and its very good transmission qualities. However, there are clear limitations here, for example when a high level of secrecy is required or many language channels are to be used. In such cases, audible frequency overlays can occur quickly, so acoustic disturbances can be expected. In such a case, it is more purposeful to rely on the modern and efficient infrared transmission technology, which is characterized by a higher installation effort, but cleverly bypasses many of the above problems.

On the other hand, the use of this technology can prevent a frequency overlay, so that even large conferences and events can be operated effectively with many language channels. Clear sound with high quality standards

Both transmission solutions for interpreting technology are characterized by the very high quality of speech and the high level of transmission. Thus, a good and high-quality interpreting technique can not only significantly speed up the course of an event, but also significantly promote the understanding of the individual participants among themselves. Voice, timbre and emphasis play a role in the deep understanding of language and can only be safely recorded and woven into the translations by a clear and powerful sound transmission.

Equip small and large events in a tailor-made way

The planning of the event plays a crucial role in the interpreter algae used. Not only do the appropriate interpreters have to be in place, they also expect a certain minimum standard from their working environment, which must be met. Suitable transmission cabins with effective and redundant technology, a clean and clear connection to the individual participants and a high transmission reliability are standard and are considered to be a state of the art. Accordingly, such events must be planned at an early stage in order to enable the systems to be set up as efficiently as possible.

Both the technology used and the experience of the technicians responsible play an important role in this. Throughout the event, the responsible technicians are on site at all times and can intervene quickly and without delays in the event of problems or difficulties with the chosen interpreting technology and ensure a smooth process.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

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